L’il high nine #3



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Solution to LH5 #13

I used to have real mixed feelings about Twitter– sometimes Tweeting petulantly about how stupid and self-serving and useless it is while, well, using it. But since starting to roll with the Crossword Crowd, it mostly makes me feel warm and sometimes fuzzy. The media has allowed me to be social with so many fun, funny, smart and sweet people that I can’t stay mad at it.

Tony Zito, today’s constructor, is an example of someone who I’m very glad to have met on Twitter. When he reached out with an interest in constructing, I happily gave encouragement and information and, in return, received some very awesome puzzles right out of the gate. I hope you enjoy his Sunday offering as much as I did!  And maybe in the future we’ll see another great indie puzzle blog pop up (hint-hint, Tony).

L’il high nine #3

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