L’il High Five #15



LitSoft embedded

Solution to LH5 #14

First, let me introduce this fantastic puzzle from Numinous, a name I recognized from the Rex Parker blog comments. Visually arresting and Just Plain Fun, this LH5-ish bucks trends, kicks ass, and takes names.

Next, not only did we experience a period of torpidity (big “torpid” fan here), but I will be away until 10/6. If I can figure out how to, like, schedule a post I will be sure to put up a great Sunday 9×9 we recently received.

Last, thank you to all who have submitted L’il High Fives n’ Nines– your puzzles are in good hands and will be posted in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for participating in this Fête des Mots Croisés! APRÈS NOUS LE DÉLUGE!

L’il High Five #15

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