Themeless #7



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Solution to that quote-themed puzzle

This is it; the last backlogged puzzle. Retreating to a gentler 72 words, themeless #7 was fun to make and many found it fun to solve. A bouncy little puzz.

I’m still cluing themeless #8 (66 words) and have started on another 66 word themeless #9. The latter is giving me all kinds of headaches, but now the heat is on.

It was great to pop in on the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament to watch the division finals. I got to chat with Quigley, and hang out with Evan Birnholtz and Peter Broda! Totes star-struck.

The tournament puzzles were fun and challenging, and now I’m not only psyched for the Indie 500 but also for the tournament that happens on a Saturday in August. Let’s all go!

Themeless #7