L’il High Nine #4



LitSoft embedded

Solution to LHF #15

A L’il High Nine? Don’t worry, it’s not Sunday. You didn’t miss your entire weekend. There is still time to get rowdy.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to post a L’il High Nine we received from Paolo Pasco many weeks ago, since today his name is on the top of BuzzFeed’s debut Friday Freestyle! Go solve the puzzle, and then maybe go check out what we had to say about it on the new Indie/BuzzFeed puzzle blogging site I’m co-…blogging: New Grids on the Block.

I will also take this opportunity to make sure that everyone who submitted a LH5/9 has not been forgotten. We’ve been quite busy working out the details of our new blogventure, so the L’il High project will be on hiatus for a bit. But, please, don’t let that stop you from pounding out some L’il guys and sending them our way!

L’il High Nine #4

2 thoughts on “L’il High Nine #4

  1. Annette Najjar says:

    Hi Lena!
    The lit soft embedded file for High Nine #4 points to the Sept 29 puzzle (LHF#15).
    Thanks for this site and venture!


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