Solve this puzzle in ink: Luc’s tattoo



One of my favorite bars, Backbar, is home to many of my favorite bartenders. I don’t even want to know how many hours I have spent sitting at the bar, solving puzzles and drinking drinks. My preferred seat is called “Lena’s office” and they even put up a cork board for me to display my coaster doodles, cartoons, and really important business strategies.


A few months ago Brayden and I were there having a drink, and Brayden noticed that our bartender, Luc, had an empty crossword grid tattooed on his forearm. “WHAT?!” I said, not believing that I could have missed something like this for so long. Sure enough, Luc showed me his 78-word grid tat, saying that it was just some random NYT– there was no real significance behind it and that he hadn’t solved the puzzle; I, for one, like an anti-climactic tattoo story. Anyway, I told him I’d make an entirely new crossword using the grid and maybe he thought I was drunk and full of shit BUT I DID IT.


It’s a themeless, but I made an effort to include as many bar-related things as I could. Many thanks to Luc for being a rad dude, and thanks to all y’all for solving.

Solve this puzzle in ink: Luc’s tattoo

4 thoughts on “Solve this puzzle in ink: Luc’s tattoo

  1. Will Shortz says:

    Hi Lena– If you could make a New York Times-worthy crossword using the bartender’s grid, I’d love to run it … accompanied by your story. –Will Shortz


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