l’il high nine #2



LitSoft embedded

Solution to LH5 #9

I’m sure everybody has favorite constructors, and I’m no exception. Wait, actually, just sitting here thinking about it, it’s impossible for me to pick a single favorite constructor. Everyone’s puzzles have their own personalities and recognizable voices, and the more you do a particular constructor’s puzzles, this can actually help you out while solving. For instance, if it looks like your answer is turning out to be BROKEN CONDOM and you’re doing a Peter Broda puzzle, you’re probably right. That answer was featured in the very first one of Peter’s puzzles that I did. Obviously I started doing them all the time. Wanna try one out? Well you’re in luck because Peter just posted a fresh themeless yesterday!

After that, I highly recommend going back in the archives. You’ll also find Vowelless puzzles in there, which I think are super fun.

Guys, it makes me so happy when I get little puzzles in the e-box! Don’t you want me to be happy? You know what to do!

l’il high nine #2

4 thoughts on “l’il high nine #2

  1. nwnk says:

    FInally went through all the backlog that I hadn’t done on paper already.

    LHF4: 5:41. Very cute, Erik’s a clever one.
    LHF5: 1:57. I’m a sucker for Latin answers. I like how much 1A/5A/3D/4D look like the Sator square.
    LHF6: 1:35. Down clues seemed way harder. With only 5D to work with, 8A had like three good possible answers, which I always like to see.
    LHF7: 2:07. I am also a sucker for Greek answers. Or basically any “this isn’t quite English but you ought to know it anyway” answer, since if you learn something from it it’s constructive (hah!) and not just memorizing a fact. 1D is some nice constructor voice coming through.
    LHF8: 2:35. How did it take me all the way to the end to remember that there was a topic? Also I refuse to believe any brand would willingly call themselves Chubbies.
    LHN2: 8:11. Completely loved the cluing on 18A 20A and 21A. But would not have believed 12A and 17A were real on their own. Interesting how solving the 9x9s feels more like a large grid “fill in whatever you know and then go back” strategy, compared to the 5x5s’ “how many clues can you hold in your head”.

    Great stuff! Shout out to Lord Hobo’s Boom Sauce tallboys for being the correct accompaniment to solving these.


    1. Lena Webb says:

      That’s just how it comes out of CrossFire, as the rebus answers are represented by black squares rather than being stuffed into blank ones. I’m sure Erik can send me a modified solution image– I’ll ask later. But for now I’ll just give the answer here: Top black square: PUMPKIN. Bottom black square: EATER.


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