Lil High Nine #1



LitSoft embedded

Solution to LHF #6

Gather your family around a pile of brunch and plop this dollop of sweet whipped cream on top of your Belgian waffle because it’s Sunday and Erik Agard has prepared this stunning Lil High Nine for us to enjoy. Remember folks, Sundays are 9×9.

Erik’s is doing a Twitter cleanse right now and says that he is focusing instead on puzzles and food. Figure out how to slap him nine, wish him well and bon appétit.

What’s new in Michael’s world? Well, he hates ORGEAT and I love that he hates it. Orgeat is so sweet that it needs that bitterness to create a balanced flavor profile. I bet he’s going to side-eye every Mai Tai from now on.

That’s all the news. Enjoy the puzzle!


Lil High Nine #1

One thought on “Lil High Nine #1

  1. peggy webb says:

    liked the ‘Lil Hi9 – – for some reason my fave clue was “indicates” – – and from now on when i’m screaming at drivers who don’t signal i intend to say “nice indicating” instead of whatever shit i say now.

    hope you had a strong shop.


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