lil high five #4

I’m very pleased to share with you some jelly from Erik Agard for which you may or may not be ready:



LitSoft embedded

Solution to LHF #3

I’d also like to extend an invitation to everyone to send along your own Lil High Fives. Here are the submission guidelines:

  • Michael Parker, Rex Sharp, and Lena Webb will look over your puzzle and say the things that we feel, usually about your puzzle. Rex Sharp is the bad cop and Lena Webb is the good cop– the other guy stands by the door with his arms folded and maybe brings us Chinese food and beers like in this dream I have about being a detective.
  • $0 for 5×5 weekdays, $0 for 9×9 Sundays
  • 3-letter minimum for answers
  • Black squares are optional, but if you use them they must have 180-degree rotational symmetry. Also know that using them makes you a cheater.

There’s no publishing schedule going on with these yet so just be ready to go when it’s time to go. Send your puzzles to me at

lil high five #4

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