mini-themeless #4



Well folks, I don’t know about this one but here it is: 5×5. My rock climbing co-worker tried it and made the very good point that there isn’t a lot of space for footholds. When you’ve got a 15×15 you can look around the whole grid and find that first answer you are absolutely sure is right.

I’ve noticed that people assume the Sunday NYTimes is the hardest puzzle because it’s the biggest, and I sound like a really jackhole when I’m like ACTUALLY IT’S MORE OF A WEDNESDAY. Size doesn’t (always) matter, and I’m not so sure I’d have an easy time with this little puzzle. Let me know what your solving experience is like; fraught or not.

And, yeah, I guess I probably have to do a 3×3 because everyone likes the tiniest Russian Nesting Doll best, amirite?

P.S. AcrossLite doesn’t seem to know what to do with this tiny grid and it prints out awkwardly for me, so the PDF might be best– if anyone even solves on paper, who knows!

mini-themeless #4

3 thoughts on “mini-themeless #4

  1. peggy webb says:

    i wasn’t able to respond above the line. so i’m in this little box. i loved your little puzz! i went ***** and it is solved. how come sangria ain’t *****?


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