Mini-themeless #3



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Jeez –11×11, 9×9, and now 7×7. I’m getting real silly over here. Should I do a 5×5, diagramless style? Are these little puzzles obnoxious? More than a few people had trouble finishing #2, including my very own dear mother who was forced to read me The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin basically every night for years.

Shout out to my girl Beatrix P. in “Orange is the New Black”

And speaking of short stories, I like making these minis because they don’t take up as much time as 15x15s. When I was basically out of my mind and unemployed I could make a puzzle at least once per month, but now when I get home I just want to drink a 50/50 martini and enjoy someone else’s construction work. I do have a neat normal-sized puzzle that I am working on (it involves a tattoo!) and I am excited to get it done and ready to share.

Here are the solutions to #1 and #2

Mini-themeless #3

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