Mini-themeless #2



LitSoft embedded

9×9, 26 words, 6 tiny blocks. This is the equivalent of, like, a 52 word 15×15. I think. Badass. I think.

I learned about the “runt puz” concept through Rex’s blog comments section and found the little niblets to be wonderful and quite difficult. Check them out here and try your luck. I wouldn’t call this or the previous mini-themeless a runt puz, but more like a puzzle going through its awkward phase.

Even though the real estate is limited and precious, there is still some unsavory fill– including the second time a word list word turns out not to be a word but we think it’s a word until we find out it’s not a word– cough7Dcough.

Anyway, Brayden and I hope you enjoy this little guy!

Mini-themeless #2

4 thoughts on “Mini-themeless #2

    1. Lena Webb says:

      Thanks for solving! I didn’t think twice about the spelling and when we were cluing Brayden pointed out it wasn’t correct. Luckily I don’t have a problem being silly, especially in a mini 🙂


  1. nwnk says:

    I was utterly handicapped by not knowing 13A, had huge trouble with the northeast until i caved in and asked for the answer. But 11A makes up for it and more.


    1. Lena Webb says:

      It can save your life AND puzzle! Yeah I’ll admit to being like “meh, people watch Game of Thrones so okaaaay…” Rest assured chagrin happened.


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