Mini-themeless #1

Having been on a bit of a construction hiatus, I used the Indie 500 as a reason to get my head back in the game. Apparently the tournament itself was not enough, so I roped Brayden into collaborating with me on a harmless little baby themeless. Surprisingly the process didn’t destroy our relationship, despite my nit-picky critiques of some of his clues. I try to be critical yet fair, as so many others are when giving me feedback. For all my picked nits, there is one particular clue of his that I think is the best of the bunch. Enjoy!

Sorry, only the .puz and embedded for now. I have a PDF problem.

Update: I also have a proof-reading problem! Peter spotted “triology” (the study of trilogies, obvs) instead of “trilogy” in 24-A. I told him to kiss my ass, like an expansive person who appreciates corrections would. Peter also conjured up a PDF of the puzzle, if anyone wants it. Thanks, Peter. You Are Nice.

Mini-themeless #1

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