Themeless #6



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Solution to themeless #5

Yep, things have been busy. For the past couple weeks I’ve been at the mercy of the MBTA Commuter Rail and fruit flies. Having one’s life controlled by trains and lower eukaryotes can be a bit soul-sucking, so I’ve been mostly hiding out somewhere near the Sea of Gin.

One could make fun-sized gross bars of ground up insect matter in order to survive on Snowpiercer, er, the Commuter Rail

But a stretch of warmish weather has now melted more than half of the snow and the sidewalks are navigable and the birds are out! Spring is a thing. Also I adopted a cat! Meet Max:


My 18.5  year old kitty Bean died in early December and it was time to find a new companion. Max was the first one to show up on Petfinder and it was pretty shocking because of the resemblance he has to Bean: 5629410618_28cd79100b_zWell, they’re certainly both orange at least. Max is great and caught a mouse within two hours of coming to my apartment! Although this is the Internet, enough about cats for now and get on to themeless #6. As I recall, my friend Adam was Not Pleased with this puzzle and I can see why. At 68 words, this was my most ambitious grid yet; when I actually found fill for a corner I was more likely to keep it out of desperation, even if it was sub-optimal. Nonetheless, I think there is also a lot of good stuff in there– including a couple marquee entries! Enjoy!

Themeless #6

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