Themeless #5




Solution to themeless #4

This puzzle was completed in mid-October, so I’m almost out of backlogged offerings– only two more! I’m in the process of cluing #8 right now, but need to get another grid cooking. Moving forward, as my puzzle posts get more irregular, I will be sure to post other things here– silly things, serious things, shout-outs, etc.– to pass the time and, of course, as a form of procrastination.

There are a couple categorical clusters in here (I don’t even like to call it a “mini-theme” because that would imply that an amount of real thought went into planning it). Maybe “happy accidents” would be a good descriptor.

Also, I’m almost certain I was drunk when I made this grid. Those five-square-long thingies sure made for a lot of shitty, shitty 3-letter downs! Won’t be doing that again. And what’s up with those two big black squares? I’m going to have to give motivational talks at schools so that kids don’t drink and grid. Take it from me… I’ve been down that road… Don’t throw your fill away…

Themeless #5

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