What’s up with .puz, people?

So I know people want me to embed puzzles, but what is wrong with my .puz files? If they are completely defunct and unable to be opened, please let me know!

I use dropbox, like many others, and I am curious if there is something I’m doing wrong. Do people not like AcrossLite?

I’m not a “blog whiz” (thank sweet god that’s not my title) but, if there is a significant number of people who cannot open my .puz files as they are presented here, I will do my best to EMBED.

Feedback, please!

What’s up with .puz, people?

6 thoughts on “What’s up with .puz, people?

  1. William Lisowski says:

    Of the four .puz files posted to Dropbox thus far, three downloaded successfully onto my iPad and into my app, but themeless2.puz failed. When I downloaded all four on my Mac, themeless2.puz was downloaded as themeless2.puz.txt, suggesting that Dropbox transmogrified the file when you uploaded it. I changed the name by deleting the .txt suffix and transferred it to my iPad, where it joined the other three puzzles in my queue of puzzles that need doing.

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    1. Lena Webb says:


      I’ve heard that Dropbox is fine but “occasionally shit gets wonky” (EA). I feel like if you can download the file rather than assuming it will just open, you can get it to work alright. However I certainly don’t want to make solving my puzzles any more inconvenient than it already is 😉


  2. Renee Silverstein says:

    Have not experienced any problems opening your puzzles with Across Lite (the best solving app). I think your puzzles are great!


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