Themeless #3



Solution to themeless #2

#3 brings us up to 7/6/2014 and this one is a sedate (maybe even a little boring) puzzle. Kind of a meh grid too, now that I’m looking at it again.

I’m really selling it, I know.

Nah, it’s a fine puzzle and I’m happy to share it. Hope the .puz file works; the helpful Alex Boisvert suggested embedding puzzles directly in my posts, so I’ll be fiddling around with that.

Also, on Wednesday, I will be posting a friend’s first puzzle. It’s themed, but I can’t resist sharing. Stay tuned!

Themeless #3

7 thoughts on “Themeless #3

  1. Alex B. says:

    The solution link leads to the solution to Themeless #3, so it’s a bit of a spoiler …

    If you get frustrated with WordPress not letting you do things the way you want (.puz downloads, embedded puzzles, etc) I might be able to hook you up with another hosting option.


    1. Lena Webb says:

      Whoooops! Fixed, thanks!

      Thanks very much for the offer– I’ll see how this goes moving forward, but would absolutely be open to something a little less persnickety.


    1. Lena Webb says:

      The embedded puzzle thing has indeed been suggested, and I do plan to muck through setting it up.

      Does the AcrossLite puz file not work on your laptop?


      1. Z says:

        As if. Googled and Beastie’s came up first. Beastie’s were big in my work too many hours while raising three sons period.


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